Lynette K. Henderson is a working artist in drawing and painting, with a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (1986), MFA from the University of Minnesota (1989), and a doctorate in Art Education from Arizona State University (2006).
Henderson currently teaches and resides in southern California, U.S.A.

artist statement.

     "I am fascinated not only with the beautiful and varied shapes and patterns of animals, but also animal behavior and relationships, and how they manage to survive both inside and outside of human enclosures. The concepts of predator and prey usually attributed only to the animal world are also found within human nature, most of the time hidden from view. Unacknowledged as part of nature, humans tend to project themselves and their desired or imagined characteristics onto animals. Preserved in zoos, common to both rural and urban environments, the animals are considered by visitors to be either extraordinary, as pests or even despised rather than admirable, based on human perceptions/imaginings of the value of different species. 

        In some recent works I have focused on the vulnerability of animals and natural environments due to the threats of climate change, pollution and other contemporary environmental problems. Some of the artworks reference gothic icons that provide an elevated focus on the central figure, alongside images and objects that represent the carelessness of humanity in nature: crowded and polluted spaces that animals are forced to move around in as their designated living areas grow ever smaller. I believe that these issues are the greatest concerns for humans and animals alike at this point in time."


National (Group, selected, since 2000)

(2022). Coos Art Museum (CAM). Expressions West 2022. Oregon (Juried, Second Place Award).

(2022). Art League R.I. Gallery. Below the Surface II. Rhode Island (Juried).

(2022). University of Rhode Island Providence Campus Gallery. Art League R.I. Extended exhibition: 2nd month of Below the Surface II. Rhode Island (Juried).

(2022). MVA Gallery, The Power of Portraits, Human & Animal. Pennsylvania (Juried).

(2022). Healdsburg Center for the Arts (HCA). Miniatures Exhibition. CA. (Juried).

(2022)  J.Mane Gallery. Fins, Feathers and Fur Exhibition. (Juried, online. Honorable Mention Award).

(2022). San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center (SFVACC). Call of the Wild. CA. (Juried, Online).

(2022). Fusion Art. 4th Into the Wild Art Competition. Montana. (Juried, Online).

(2022). Nat Art Gallery, Viewpoint. (Juried, Online).

(2020). Emerge Gallery, Petit Exhibition. Saugerties, NY. (Juried).

(2020). J. Mane Gallery, Fins, Feathers & Fur Exhibition. (Juried, Online).

(2020). Mattie Kelly Art Center Galleries, Northwest Fla. State College. (Juried).

(2020). Blue Mountain Gallery, New York City, NY. (Online, Juried).

(2020). Salann Magazine. 3rd Edition TBA Summer 2020. (Juried, Print and Online).

(2019). Jones Gallery. Art for the Animals Exhibition. Kansas City, MO. (Juried).

(2019). Emerge Gallery, The Schwa Show. Greenville, NC. (Juried).

(2019). J. Mane Gallery, 2nd Annual All Women Art Exhibition. (Online, Juried).

(2019). Fe Gallery, Mythic: Imaginative Realism & Pop Surrealism. Sacramento, CA. (Juried).

(2019). 72nd Gilpin County Arts Association exhibition. Colorado. (Juried).

(2019). The Studio Door: The Crow Show. San Diego, CA. (Juried).

(2018). TAG Gallery, CA 2018 Open Exhibition. Los Angeles, CA. (Juried).

(2018). St. Augustine Art Association. 9th Annual Nature & Wildlife Exhibit. FLA. (Juried.)

 (2018). Decatur Fine Arts Exhib. Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College. Decatur, GA. (Juried).

(2018). National Association of Women Artists (NAWA). NYC, NY. (Juried).

(2018). Blue Mountain Gallery. New York City, NY. (Juried). 

(2017). Main Street Arts. Small Works 2017. Clifton Springs, NY. (Juried).

(2017)  SAC Arts, Santora Gallery. CAEA 7th Annual Exhibition. Santa Ana, CA. (Juried). 

(2017). St. Augustine Art Association. 8th Annual Nature & Wildlife Exhibit. FLA. (Juried.)

(2017). A Different Path Gallery. Animals In Art. Brockport, New York. (Juried).

(2017). Emerge Gallery and Art Space. Petit II. Saugerties, New York. (Juried.)

(2016). Emerge Gallery and Art Space. Petit I. Saugerties, New York. (Juried.)

(2016). Nicolet College Art Gallery.  Rhinelander, 29th Annual Competition. WI. (Juried.)

(2016). La Galeria Gitana. Art of the American West. San Fernando, CA. (Juried.)

(2016). Coastline Gallery, Coastline CC. Birdie. Newport Beach, CA. (Invitational)

(2016). Mission Viejo Library. In the Studio 6. CA. (Invitational)

(2014). Coastline Art Gallery. Southern California Artists (SCA). Newport Beach, CA. (Invitational)

(2014). SAC Arts, Santora Gallery. In the Studio 4. Santa Ana, CA (Invitational).

(2013). Idyllwild Gallery, CA. CAEA at Idyllwild, 2013. (Juried).

(2013). SAC Arts, Santora Gallery. In the Studio 3. Santa Ana, CA. (Invitational)

(2012). Wells Fargo. Southern California Artists (SCA). Laguna Beach, CA. (Invitational)

(2012). SAC Arts, Santora Gallery. Inside the Studio 2. Santa Ana, CA. (Invitational)

(2011). SAC Arts, Santora Gallery. Inside the Studio 1. Santa Ana, CA. (Invitational)

(2009). Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Alumni Exhibition. MN. (Juried.)

(2003). Mesa Art Center. Mesa, AZ.  (Juried.)

(2003). Kierland Resort.  Scottsdale, AZ. (Juried.)

(2000). Durango Art Center. Durango CO. (Juried.)


International (Group)

(2020). CICA - Czong Institute for Contemporary Art. Gyeonggi-do, Korea. (Juried).

(2019). Circle Quarterly Art Review. 4th Edition. Lyon, France. (Print and Online, Juried).

(2018)  Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, England. (Juried).

(2018). Ashurst Emerging Art Prize 2018; online promotion. UK. (Juried)

(2017). Sunny Art Centre. Sunny Art Prize Exhibition 2017. London, England. (Juried.)

(2000). 100 Sacred Visions. Payerbach, Austria. (Juried.)

(1999). Biennale Internazionale Delle Arte Contemporanea. Florence, Italy. (Juried.)



(2016). Ravens. Acrylic on Canvas. 12" x 12".  Carla Burnette, Saugerties, NY.

(2014). Buddy. Acrylic on canvas board. 9" x 12". Paula Dimarco, Northridge, CA.

(2013). Rattlesnake with Mouse. Acrylic on Canvas. 12" x 12". Magdy Rizk, Santa Clarita, CA.

(2011). Two Wolves. Oil on Canvas. 40" x 28". Edie Pistolesi, Northridge, CA.

(2010). Untitled. Oil on Wood. Jackie Hertel, Albuquerque, NM.



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